2018 Club Champs at Gladstone Tennis Club

The club organises Club Champs every year at the end of the season. All club members and all levels of play are welcome to enter the competition. All interclub players will be automatically entered and they will have to opt out before the entries close if they do not wish to play.

Gladstone Tennis Club offers the following categories:

Senior Categories

SINGLES AND DOUBLES for each category

  • Open Women
  • Open Men (for singles also available Men's B-grade)
  • Open Mixed [*doubles only]

Junior Categories


  • Intermediate Girls [13-18 years]
  • Intermediate Boys [13-18 years]
  • Junior Girls [12 and under]
  • Junior Boys [12 and under]

Entrants can play in several categories, but only in their appropriate age group or up a grade (down a grade is not permitted). So, for example, an 11 year old junior can play in the 12 and under category, in the intermediate category and in the seniors. However, we encourage you to talk to the coaches about the categories your children should enter.

The club reserves the right to decide the format of the competition (pool play/round robin) once the entries have come in, and the decision is based on numbers of participants.

2018 Club Champs dates

  • Entries closed
  • See you 2019

Please note: If a finalist is unable to play on these dates they are automatically disqualified.

The finals will be held at the club on Sunday 3 Apri (rain day 10 Aprithe first matches starting at 1pm (courts will be unavailable for other members from 12pm onwards).

The order of play is as follows:

  • Junior and Intermediate doubles (boys and girls)
  • Junior and intermediate singles (boys and girls)

followed by (starting no earlier than 3pm)

  • Senior mixed doubles
  • Senior women's doubles
  • Senior men's doubles
  • Senior women's singles
  • Senior men's singles

All courts will be used for the play so there will be several matches going on at the same time until all of the matches have finished.

After all matches there will be a prize giving followed by a BBQ. Come and support the players and enjoy great afternoon of tennis!


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