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Note: The Club Committee and Administrator/Coaches use email to keep members informed of Club news and events by way of regular newsletters and annual invoicing. The Club will only use your email for this purpose and will not disclose it to any other person or organisation. Additionally, the Club directory will include your name and contact phone number(s) unless you advise otherwise.

It is acknowledged by the Applicant (parents where Applicant is under 18 years of Age) that:

1      The information which you provide in this application is being collected for the purpose of assessing your application for admission to the Gladstone Tennis Club ("the Club"), for the administration of the Club, and maintenance of the Club's records now and in the future.

2      The Club is authorised to disclose the information in this application to associated bodies, being Auckland Tennis Inc, and New Zealand Tennis. Any of the associated bodies holding the information in this application may use that information for the purposes of any activities which that body is accustomed to undertake from time to time.

3      The Club is aware of your rights under the Privacy Act 1993, including your rights to have access to your information, to request correction of your information and to be informed of the Club's action taken in response to any such request.

4      The Club has as one of its primary purposes the promotion and organisation of sporting activities and shall be entitled to obtain such information about any individual as may be necessary to achieve this purpose and to disclose information obtained during the course of a member's participation in such activity.

5      This information will be stored at the Club's premises at 120 Gladstone Road, Parnell and will be accessible by club staff, members and permitted users of the Club including Tennis Auckland and Tennis NZ.To review or request corrections to your personal information collected by the Club, please contact [contact person's email].

6      The Club will communicate with you via electronic newsletters and Facebook. You will be notified of current events and tournaments and interclub registrations. Notice of the AGM will be sent out via email and annual reports will be available to view on the website.

7      The Club will not otherwise share, sell or exchange your information without your prior written consent.