We would like to remind our members and guests of the parking provisions around the Club. Please observe these rules to avoid breaching the Club's agreements with the Council and local businesses and/or incurring parking penalties.

PLEASE NOTE: We are pleased to be able to offer free parking on the sealed area at the end of Court 5, adjacent to Gladstone Road. Members are free to park here at any time. Balfour Road also has 120min parking on both sides.

We have some limited parking in the carpark area off Balfour Road. As we share this space with the kindergarten, use of this space by members and guests of the Club is subject to these conditions:

1. Weekdays 7:45am - 9:45am: the only space available to visitors to the Club during this time is the area under the trees or on the basketball pad. Parking is not permitted in any marked parking space.

2. Weekdays 3pm - 5pm: as above, parking is restricted to the basketball pad and under the trees during this peak time. PLUS - members may use the two marked spaces closest to the basketball pad if available.

3. GTC parents may come into the car park area to drop children off but must not stay longer than 10 minutes maximum. Infringing cars can be towed without warning (not by GTC! but we are aware that adjacent businesses will call the truck without warning).

4. Members are free to park in any marked space at the weekend.

5. Please note that the Balfour Road carpark gets locked by the Council at night, usually around 7:30pm but it can be earlier! Make sure your car is moved out before this time to avoid a lock in.

Thank you for observing these rules and helping us live harmoniously with our neighbours! We hate to see our members and guests getting caught out so please just ask if you have any problems or concerns.

The Parking provisions can also be found on our website.

Happy Tennis!

Martin & the GTC Team