Rule Changes for Midweek Interclub

Tennis Auckland advises that the Senior Interclub Rules were rewritten last season. Some changes were made to the Rules and implemented for the current season, based on feedback from Clubs and reflecting Tennis Auckland's experience with the new Rules.

It has been a common theme at Interclub debriefs that LMW Competitions generally go well with few issues arising. However, over the past few years there has been a similarity to the issues raised at these meetings in relation to the existing LMW Rules, including: adding players to Team Lists; substitute players; the status of the highest-graded and regular players; and playing order issues. 

From Tennis Auckland's perspective, the fact that the LMW Rules weren't consistent with Senior Interclub Rules created administrative problems and causes confusion for players and administrators.

The result is a completed review of the old Rules and a number of key changes.  The attached documents below should provide the information required, but any further clarification can be obtained from Tennis Auckland.