5 Year Vision

The intention of this document is to record the "vision" that the Management Committee has developed for the Club for the next 5 years so that the Club's members can read, comment on, and ultimately share in the vision.

It is not intended that that this document be binding but rather it is to encapsulate the best intentions of the Committee.

It is anticipated that the vision will be reviewed and updated from time to time – and shared with the members to provide transparency and understanding for both members and the Committee alike. This will be a "living document".

A number of the vision points will be subject to funding – but the Committee believes that it is preferable to document the vision points so that they are clear.


1. To continue to be a family orientated tennis club, providing top grade tennis facilities and a friendly tennis environment for members and their guests of all ages and abilities.
2. To promote tennis in the surrounding community and to continue to attract new members and retain our existing members.
3. To retain an enthusiastic and friendly professional tennis coaching team headed by Martin Colenbrander.
4. To attract and build supportive sponsors for the Club's to compliment the Club's fundraising activities.
5. To undertake the following developments on the Club's premises:

a. to provide LED lighting for all 5 tennis courts to enhance tennis play into the evenings and early mornings;
b. to resurface Court 5 with a hard court surface to the same quality as centre court at the ASB Tennis Stadium – to provide   members with an alternative surface to play and train on;
c. to upgrade the viewing area across the front of the upstairs of the Club rooms – this will involve replacing existing fixed windows with sliding window, a safety glass barrier and new seating – all to provide members and guests with an enhanced viewing experience over the tennis courts;
d. to continue to upgrade our indoor and outdoor seating options for senior and junior members and visitors; and
e. to maintain quality facilities by completing general maintenance and painting to the Club rooms and fences as needed.

6. To promote tennis as a great way to have fun, stay fit and meet new people.

1 July 2019
The Committee