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Gladstone Tennis Club is proud to currently feature the following 9 Summer Interclub teams, and are always keen to expand our participation.


-Caro Bowl Reserve Men’s (2023 First Grade Champs promoted)

-Second Grade Men’s

-Open Grade Men’s

-Mixed Four (2023 Season Champs)

-Midweek Ladies: Mondays Champs 1, Monday Open 2, Tuesday Open 1, Tuesday Open 2

-Junior Open Grade (12/11U)

GTC view pic.heic


Senior Interclub

  • All ages/abilities welcome

  • Season runs early September through mid April, with break over Xmas holidays (except as noted below)

  • Play on Saturdays from 12pm (except as noted below)

  • Singles (Men & Ladies): Caro Bowl Reserve, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade and Open Grades; entries close early August

  • Mixed Doubles (Men & Ladies): Ferrier Cup, Presidents A, Open Presidents and Mixed Four Presidents; entries close early August; Saturdays 2-5pm only; 4-player teams, 2 doubles matches

  • Super Tennis: Saturdays 12pm or 3pm start (max 3 hours of play). 4-player teams, 3 doubles matches

  • Twilight: Season early November through late March; Mondays or Tuesdays 630pm; Singles (2-player team, 2 singles and 1 doubles match); Doubles (4-player team, two matches)

Midweek Ladies

  • 18 yrs and over

  • Lead-In season: mid October through early December; entries open early September, close late September

  • Summer season: mid February through late March; entries open December, close mid January

  • Play on Mondays and Tuesdays, 9:30am start (approx 1pm finish). Allowed to play both days for the same club only, as considered separate competitions.

  • 4-player teams; 2 doubles matches, best of 3 sets, regular scoring, third-set 10-pt tiebreak at 1 set apiece


  • Up to 18 yrs, all abilities welcome

  • Play Saturdays 8:30am (Open grades) & 12:30pm (Beginner/Green Dot @ Association Courts), and Sundays 9am: All Grades (Premier, Open and Beginner)

  • Format: 4-player teams; 1 doubles match, 1 singles match (check handbook for scoring details)

  • Pre Xmas - October until December, entries open late August, close early October

  • Post Xmas - February to April, entries close early December

For all Interclub enquiries contact GTC Club Captain & Interclub Controller Mary Helen Kelt (


GTC view pic.heic


Winter Outdoor Interclub

  • Mid June start for 6-7 weeks. All Grades welcome.

  • Sundays at 10am (Singles, 4-player teams, 4 singles and 2 doubles matches); or 10am/1pm start (Doubles, 4-player teams, 4 doubles matches; Mixed Doubles, 4- player teams, 4 doubles matches


Evening Indoor League

  • Term 2 (entries close April) and Term 3 (entries close July)

  • A&B Grades play Tuesdays, C Grade plays Wednesdays and Thursdays

  • Two sessions: 6:30-8pm, 8-9:30pm; 4-player teams (co-ed), 4 doubles matches

  • Scoring: accumulate as many games possible in 40 minutes


Midweek Indoor Doubles & Singles Competitions

  • Term 2 (entries close April) and Term 3 (entries close July)

  • Doubles

  • A Grade on Wednesdays, B Grade on Tuesdays and Fridays

  • 4-players teams from any club, 2 doubles matches, scoring first to 9 games, sudden death deuce, regular tie break at 8-8

  • Start either 9-1230pm on one court, or 1230-230pm on two courts

  • Singles

  • All Grades on Thursdays, start time 9:30a, 10:30a or 11:30am

  • Accumulate as many games possible in 1 hr of play, regular scoring

Winter Satellite Series (collab between Tennis Auckland and Lavie)

  • Term 2 on Sundays, outdoors @ Merton Rd/Scarbro Tennis Centre

  • Singles only, 3 matches of short set format, mixed gender/ages

  • *Ability to earn WTN (World Tennis Ranking) points

Indoors Competition @ Blockhouse Bay

  • A Grade Only competition

  • Mondays from 9:30am, 4-player teams, 2 doubles matches


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