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Parking @ Gladstone

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GTC Admin

6 Feb 2024

With the recent upgrade to the Gladstone Park facilities and our new term of activities underway, we remind everyone of the strict parking restrictions in place around the Gladstone Tennis Club.


Free parking is available to Members on the paved area off Gladstone Road at the end of court 5. Please ask any guests or visiting teams to also use this area or the timed parking on Balfour or Gladstone Roads.


We have been informed by Auckland Council that the number of cars parking in the car park off Balfour road and adjacent to the basketball court is causing safety concerns.


We have advised Council that the increase in cars parking in this area is nothing to do with Gladstone Club Members.


Whilst they understand and accept this, they are going to work with the early childhood centre to employ a more aggressive strategy to tow away cars from this parking area. They have indicated that this strategy will start immediately.


Given their intention to apply their right to tow cars, it is suggested that you do not park in this parking area at any time during the week. You must accept the risk that, if you do indeed park there, your car may be towed. You may continue to use the free parking on the paved area off Gladstone Road next to court 5.


We will continue to discuss this matter with Council to try and get a more practical solution but at this time they have indicated the above will apply.


We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your co-operation.




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